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Zac Efron ‘Almost Died’ After Smashing His Jaw And Chin

Zac Efron recently walked the red carpet at the Toronto International Film Festival after a year to promote the upcoming film The Greatest Beer Run ever.

Zac Efron recently revealed that he ‘almost died’ after smashing his jaw and chin in an accident at home after revealing the truth behind the plastic surgery rumours which circulated last year. High School Musical film series actor details his recent shocking revelation and once again addressed the cosmetic procedure rumours in a recent interview with ET. The actor said of the plastic surgery rumours, “My mom told me. I never really read the internet, so, I don’t really care.”

Zac, who was at the Toronto International Film Festival to promote the upcoming film The Greatest Beer Run ever, went on to say, “It was funny. I almost died, but we’re good.” Previously, the actor confessed the reason behind his 2021 face transformation was actually a nasty accident at home that caused the massive transformation in his face. In an interview with Men’s Health Magazine, the actor recalls how he slipped on a pair of socks while running at his home causing him to smash his chin into a granite fountain.

The star explained that he lost consciousness only to wake up with ‘his chin bone hanging off his face.’ Efron added that when he was injured the masseter muscles on the inside of his face and jaw then ‘compensated’ for his injury causing them to grow in size, hence his remarkable transformation. The High School Musical star also claimed to not know that he was a huge talking point on social media and had gone viral for his different-looking jaw until his mother called to ask if he had gone under the knife.

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Elsewhere in the interview, The High School Musical actor revealed Baywatch’s body transformation led to bad depression and insomnia. Zac added that the training regimen was so intense, that he ultimately developed a bout with depression and insomnia. Zac Efron was seen on a video for Earth Day back in April 2021, and the actor displays a more prominent square chin and heavier jawline. The High School actor soon started trending on social media leading fans to speculate that the actor had sought plastic surgery.

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