‘Yumi’s Cell’ Season 2- Reasons To Watch Season 1 If You Haven’t Already!

After the massive success of season 1, the popular webtoon drama is back with its 2nd season. Here's why you should watch it! Read to know more!

Kim Go Eun (Goblin fame star) and Ahn Bo Hyun (Itaewon Class) starrer Yumi’s Cell might have, for once, looked like an ordinary K-Drama but is unconventional for many reasons. Since its release of the first season back in 2021, the drama remained to be viewers’ favourite, with its viewership soaring high globally too.

Based on a popular we toon with the same title, Yumi’s Cell revolves around the life of Yumi, an ordinary office worker, as the drama is narrated by many of her brain cells, who control her emotions, every thought, and the way she feels. The drama stands out from other dramas in its genre as Yumi’s story is told from the point of view of her many cells.

Recently, the teaser of the highly anticipated second season was released, and if you’re too, one of those who haven’t watched the first season, here’s why you should!

1. Unique Combination of Live characters and animated world

Yumi’s Cell was able to take place in the viewer’s hearts because of its interesting way of narrating the story of Yumi, with a unique combination of live-action and 3D animation. That only makes Yumi’s Cells one of its kind, hailed as one of the most advanced formats of Dramas.

Yumi’s real life was connected with that of the animated cells in her head, as the cells stole the limelight. Each of the cells expressed each of humans’ various emotions seamlessly. It’s interesting, rather cute, to see how each of the cells comes to Yumi’s rescue after she has trouble in her life. After the end of season 1, viewers were keen to know what unfolds in Season 2.

2. Relatable Characters

The drama became successful because of how simple and ordinary it was, as the titular character Yumi leads a very normal life. Viewers found this extremely relatable, as the random events that take place in the drama, seemed like the situations one experiences in day to day life.

The drama also shared a meaningful message to its viewers, at the very end of the series. Only when Yumi realizes her love for Goo Woong, does she realise how her perception of love is not correct, that she doesn’t need to get love from someone else, in order to stay happy and that the main character of her life is, she, herself! This warm message gave viewers a gentle reminder of loving themselves and prioritizing themselves over others.

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3. Kim Go Eun and Ahn Bo Hyun’s Acting Skills

Apart from the storyline and character development, viewers also lauded the main leads, Kim Go Eun and Ahn Bo Hyun’s brilliant performances in the drama. The actors gave life to their characters quite seamlessly, making it more engaging for the viewers.

Yumi’s portrayal of a heartbroken character was effortlessly delivered beyond her set expectations by Kim Go Eun, as Ahn Bo Hyun did justice to his character, in a very synchronized manner. Beyond this, their exceptional chemistry made viewers’ hearts flutter, keeping them glued to the show till the end.

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