Yolanda Hadid Made Six Strict Rules For Bella And Gigi Hadid

Did you know that Yolanda Hadid made some strict rules for her daughters, Bella and Gigi Hadid? Here is the list.

Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid are the world’s most famous supermodels, all thanks to their mother, Yolanda Hadid, who was a supermodel herself. Throughout her career, Yolanda has been called out many times for her approach when it comes to raising her daughters. And she has been labelled a “toxic parent” for some reason. It is known to all that Yolanda was very strict with her daughters while they were growing up, especially since they are in the spotlight.

Yolanda Hadid has made some strict rules for her daughters Bella and Gigi that they have to follow:

She did not allow Bella and Gigi to become models until they were 18 years old:

In one interview, Yolanda revealed that she didn’t allow her daughters to take up modelling until they were 18 years old.

And the reason behind it was that she didn’t want anybody to judge them based on what they looked like. She wanted them to feel and be the faithful human beings that they are, and she thinks that created a lot of strength for them. 

Yolanda didn’t want Gigi to play volleyball:

The mother didn’t allow Gigi Hadid to play volleyball because it would make her look “too bulky,” and she wouldn’t be able to succeed as a runway model.

Yolanda wants her daughters to have a stable lifestyle:

Yolanda always tries to keep Gigi and Bella down to earth, despite their wealth and fame. She often takes them to their farmhouse in New York to do farming and ride horses, as it is about going back and recharging their joints.

She didn’t praise Gigi and Bella for their superficial beauty:

According to Yolanda, instead of praising her daughters for their external beauty, she also made them focus on their sense of self and attitude towards others. She told her girl that thousands of girls are much more beautiful than you, but you have a remarkable character, and you’ll need to distinguish yourself by being a role model, arriving on time, and being considerate to everyone.

She wants Bella and Gigi to use their place for goods: 

Yolanda highlighted the significance of imparting to her daughters the knowledge that they may contact consumers through various media thanks to their sizable platforms.

Yolanda encourages family time despite their busy schedules:

Despite Bella and Gigi’s busy schedules when it comes to travelling, she makes sure her girls spend time together as a family. 

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