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K-Pop Band TXT’s Yeonjun Debuts Personal Instagram Account

TXT member Yeonjun launched his personal Instagram account exactly a month after BTS member debuted their individual Instagram account.

The South Korean boy band Tomorrow X Together (TXT) member Yeonjun surprised fans by debuting a personal Instagram account on January 6. Yeonjun shared a dazzling picture of himself while simply writing, ‘Hi.’ Fans went crazy after noticing his Instagram account. However, the only account he is following so far is the official TXT Instagram account.

Yeonjun is the first member of TXT to have his own Instagram account and currently has 3.5 million followers. Yeonjun looks breathtakingly handsome in a stunning picture of himself. Dressed in a white turtleneck with a black full-sleeved sweater with a mid-parting hairstyle and ear piercing as he stares straight into the camera.

Like his photo, Yeonjun’s username is also interesting! His username is nothing else but the wordplay on his name ‘Yeonjun’ as ‘Yawnzzn’. Moreover, Yeonjun from the South Korean boy band Tomorrow X Together (TXT) claimed the top spot on Twitter’s worldwide trends just after officially debuting his personal Instagram account.

TXT fans, who collectively known as MOA, took to Twitter to express their excitement about the idol’s newly launched Instagram account, pushing his name to top the social media giant’s worldwide trends. An MOA tweeted, “this is so cool to see yeonjun have an Instagram account I can’t wait to see what his feed will be like.. hope the others also get their individual accounts soon.” While others gushed about his creative username, “when you realize that yawnzzn is literally yeonjun but he changed the ‘ju’ to ‘zz’ because of the word yawn…”

Meanwhile, MOAs are also suspecting that Taehyun could be the next member to launch his individual Instagram account. It is also interesting to note that TXT’s oldest member debuted his Instagram account, exactly a month after BTS members launched their individual Instagram accounts on December 6.

Check Out the first post of TXT member Yeonjun Here:

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