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Will Smith Reveals His Life’s ‘Ultimate Failure’

American actor Will Smith, who has never been one to shy away from self-realization, reveals His Life’s ‘Ultimate Failure’. Read more below.

The 51-year-old star was coming up with the accomplishments of his life in a new preview for a Father’s Day special of ‘Red Table Talk’ according to Fox News.

The Hollywood star said his divorce from ex-wife Sheree Zampino (nee Fletcher) is that one biggest thing he looks back on and shakes his head over.

The long-time current wife of ‘Bad Boys For Life’ star, Jada Pinkett Smith, set the table for her husband to be as transparent as possible.

“I want to talk about one interesting concept that you’ve brought up quite a bit in regards to Trey and divorce — and the idea being that just because a man might not be the best husband, does not mean he isn’t a good father,” said Pinkett Smith.

Smith took the opportunity of admitting to his wife that “With Sheree and with Trey, that was a really difficult time.”

The ‘Aladdin’ star continued in a preview of the episode. “Divorce was the worst thing in my adult life. Divorce was the ultimate failure for me. I’ve been hurt a lot in my adult life, but I don’t think anything touches the failure of getting divorced from my 2-year-old son’s mother.”

From 1992 to 1995, Smith was married to Zampino for three years, and the couple welcomed their 27-year-old son Trey in 1992. In November 2018, the two-time Oscar nominee announced in a heartfelt Instagram post that, after Smith divorced Zampino, he and his eldest son Trey “struggled for years.” 

Two years after spitting from Zampino, Smith married Pinkett Smith in 1997 after the pair formed a passionate out-of-acting connection. Since then, they share son Jaden, 21, and a daughter Willow, 19.

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