I Am Legend 2 To Bring Back Will Smith In Unexpected Way

The film revolved around Smith's character Dr. Neville, who dies at the end of the first film.

Long rumored sequel of Will Smith’s I Am Legend (2007) is definitely on its way. And it will bring back Will Smith’s character Dr. Neville, who died at the end of the first film. The film revolved around Smith’s character Dr. Neville, who is the last man on earth and is trying to survive against vampire-like infected humans.  

Speaking to Deadline,  I Am Legend producer Akiva Goldsman shared new details about the sequel.  He revealed that the sequel will follow the first film’s alternate ending where Smith’s character doesn’t die. Goldsman shared that this alternate ending will be further explored in the follow-up. Goldsman also confirmed that the sequel will start a few decades after the end of the first film and will also star Michael B. Jordan.

For the unversed, I Am Legend (2007), which is based on Richard Matheson’s novel of the same name, earned widespread acclaim from fans and critics, but it also received some criticism for its climax. 

The 2007 film ends with Smith’s character Neville sacrificing his life, so that a woman and her son could escape New York with the cure to the global pandemic that basically killed everyone. But the makers had also shot the alternate ending for the film where Neville offers a cure to the infected humans and travels to New York. 
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