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Will Smith Opens Up About His Terrifying Moment

Will Smith spilled beans about what he claims to be the most terrifying moment in his acting career. Details inside.

Hollywood superstar Will Smith has donned many avatars in his acting career but amid the stardom and glory, he too had his terrifying moment. The Men in Black actor revealed that taking on the role of Genie in the 2019 film Aladdin was terrifying. He also mentioned that he was anxious about playing Genie.

Smith said, “It was much more… it was terrifying! Robin Williams did just an absolutely brilliant, memorable and nostalgic job in his film. So, for me when I am looking at a role and especially something that has historic and nostalgic value, what I am asking myself is ‘is there any meat left on the bone?’ ‘What is it that I would add to the role’ and one of the major aspects was going from animation to live action.”

He also mentioned that it was hard to pay tribute to the original character essayed by Robin at the same time giving it a modern touch. “So, the idea was like okay live-action that is going to be different and the idea of being able to modernise, to be able to pay homage to the original character, to be able to honour Robin while at the same time getting a new voice to modernise the Genie. I saw there was a potential for absolute tragedy but there was a potential to be able to create something that did both of those things,” Smith added.

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The Smith-starrer “Aladdin,” a live-action musical fantasy film directed by Guy Ritchie, is a re-imagination of Walt Disney Pictures’ 1992 animated classic. In the 1992 animated version, the late comedian-actor Robin Williams voiced Genie.

The live-action adaption of ‘Aladdin’ will be aired on May 31 on Star Movies.

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