Why Is The “Mean Girls” Author Taking Legal Action Against Tina Fey And Paramount?

Rosalinda Wiseman inspired “Mean Girls”, but she was not compensated for her work and is considering taking legal action against Tina Fey and Paramount.

The author of “Mean Girls” Rosalinda Wiseman slammed Tina Fey and Paramount for withholding money, according to the famous author she was not properly compensated considering the franchise. Rosalinda and her team are preparing for a legal battle to settle an unpaid amount.

Queen Bees and Wannabes, the inspiration behind the teen comedy were written by Rosalinda, she sold the filming rights to paramount in 2002 for $400,000. Apart from motion pictures, and TV shows her contract also included a profit percentage as per the revenue gained by the movie from the box office. Although the movie was a hit and became a multimillion-dollar franchise, the author claims that she has not received any compensation as the studio claims that the net profit is zero.

In a statement to the New York Post, she said,  “I think it’s fair for me to be able to get compensated in some way for the work that has changed our culture and changed the zeitgeist.”She added, “Yes, I had a terrible contract, but the movie has made so much money, and they keep recycling my work over and over again, so to not even consider me.”

She said the “hypocrisy is too much,” adding, “Over the years Tina’s spoken so eloquently about women supporting other women, but it’s gotten increasingly clear to me that, in my own personal experience, that’s not going to be the experience.”

Soon After its release in 20004, Mean Girls became a cult classic with fans all over the world, its huge popularity helped the movie in collecting a whopping $130 million on a budget of $17 million. With its ever-growing popularity, the team decided to create a Broadway Musical based on the movie, and released in 2018.

According to Rosalinda, she got an offer for a broadway musical based on her book, but she was not able to accept it because of the Paramount deal.

Wiseman took a dig at Tina saying, “What’s hard is that they used my name in the Playbill,” adding. “And Tina, in her interviews, said I was the inspiration and the source, but there was no payment.”

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