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Here’s Why Kourtney Kardashian Only Wanted Grandma MJ At Her Wedding

Kourtney Kardashian got married to Travis Barker in an intimate ceremony in Santa Barbara on Sunday, May 15 where only Kourtney’s grandmom, MJ and Travis’ father were present.

Kourtney Kardashian is now a married woman and only wanted grandma, Mary Jo Campbell to be present at her wedding. Her grandma, affectionately known as MJ, lives two hours away from San Diego. She has been quite open about her health problem and has been living in extended isolation since the COVID-19 pandemic.

A source who is close to the Kardashians has revealed why her grandma’s presence at the wedding meant so much to Kourtney. The source said, “Kourtney is Kris’s firstborn child and because of this, she has always had a super special bond with her grandmother MJ. Having her by her side as she became Travis’s wife was so important to them both and it was one of the most special moments of their lives. They both got emotional during the small ceremony.”

The source also explained the beautiful bond between Kourtney and her grandmom. They continued, “The two of them are very much alike and they will be the first ones to tell you that. When Kourtney wanted to have this wedding to make it official, MJ was the one she went to for advice. She wanted it super small and intimate and told MJ that she only wanted her there. Kourtney knew that they could not have one of her sisters without having all her sisters there. She knew that they could not have one of their children without having all their children there.”

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Another source told Hollywood Life that Kourtney wanted her grandmother to be present at all of her special occasions after spending so much time in isolation during the pandemic. “Because MJ is older and has suffered previous health conditions in the past, she’s considered high-risk and has taken extra steps throughout the pandemic to ensure her safety. MJ had been in isolation during the pandemic longer than anybody else in the family. It was a very lonely time for her to be away from her family for that amount of time.”

The source further added, “And the family was very upset over it, trying to make her as comfortable as possible during that time.” “But now that she’s been out of isolation, Kourtney knew she wanted MJ to play a special role in her life,” the source, close to the KarJenner family explained. Kourtney and Travis earlier got married in Las Vegas, in April, in a ceremony that was non-legal. The couple is also planning a huge Italian celebration very soon, where all their family members would be present.

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