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Late Icon Whitney Houston’s The Bodyguard Film Remake Is On Cards

Audiences that grew up watching late enigmatic hollywood icon Whitney Houston's The Bodyguard (1992) film, late icon Whitney Houston's The Bodyguard remake is officially on cards.

In today’s era and season of remakes, reboots and adaptations, yet another iconic and cult hollywood film is going to be remade and now that its officially announced on social media, its surprising to know that maverick and stunning late icon Whitney Houston’s The Bodyguard film remake is on cards.

A few days back a globally reliable hollywood digital publication officially confirmed that late icon Whitney Houston’s The Bodyguard film remake is on cards.

It might be a huge shock to many of the critics and hollywood film aficionados who have grown up watching the Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner starrer romantic thriller drama film The Bodyguard (1992) but nevertheless its sadly true that The reboot machine has revealed the limits of its audacity with the fact that late icon Whitney Houston’s The Bodyguard film remake is on cards.

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This might be a really surprising update for hollywood cinema aficionados and fans who have grown up watching late Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner’s romantic crime drama film The Bodyguard (1992) as now Whitney Houston starrer The Bodyguard remake is officially happening and currently is underway as well.

Perhaps it might be more shocking to know for fans and netizens that one of the most prominent and illustrious film production houses in Hollywood film industry which are the Warner Bros, they are officially on board and wanting to make a reimagined movie adaptation of the iconic cult romantic thriller 1992 film with a modern take on the story and so on.

Also for people ho really don’t know and are unaware, this film launched the biggest soundtrack of all times with late legendary Hollywood icon Whitney Houston’s unforgettable song cover of ‘I Will Always Love You’ and also catapulted her to the pinnacle of superstardom.

Interestingly enough, this song which had Whitney and Kevin as romantic leads, proved to be a game changer for Whitney’s career back then and also later on, the film had been turned into a broadway musical with its songbook filled by Whitney Houston’s songs and also based on her repertoire as a legendary hollywood singer and icon.

Globally verifiable hollywood portal reported that even though The Bodyguard remake has yet to solidify its cast, pairings of Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson along with Channing Tatum and Cardi B are floating in media mills.

But if The Bodyguard remake happens, fans won’t be sad since the remake script is being created by Matthew López who is a Tony Award nominated playwright of The Inheritance, a show that earned him both the Olivier Award and Drama Desk Award, among others.

Besides, currently at the moment he is also working on the remake of the Marilyn Monroe starrer Some Like It Hot and a film adaptation of the novel Leading Men, chronicling the relationship between playwright Tennessee Williams and his partner Frank Merlo.

We can say that Matthew’s task of finding a suitable magical voice as a singer for the most loved and iconic biggest soundtrack of all times like The Bodyguard’s I Will Always Love You is not going to be easy and definitely will raise eyebrows as well.

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