Where Is The Cast Of “Supernatural” Now?

Supernatural series came to an end after 15 seasons and 300+ episodes. Let's find out what the cast is doing now.

Although Supernatural ended two years ago, its spinoff show The Winchesters continues, The Winchesters series follows the story of Mary and John Winchester who started hunting supernatural creatures for many and passed it down to Dean and Sam.

Since the end of the series, many of the cast have moved on to different projects, some even working together on the same network. While Dean and Sam were the stars of the show, it’s impossible to get a series with 300+ episodes without some cast leaving. Let’s find out what the popular members of the show are doing right now.

Where Is The Cast Of “Supernatural” Now?

1. Jensen Ackles

Jensen played the role of elder brother Dean in the series, although the show ended, he has been involved in its spinoff The Winchesters as an executive producer with his wife and also as the narrator of the show. He also played the character of Soldier boy in the hit series The Boys.

2. Jared Padalecki

Jared played the role of Dean’s younger brother Sam in the series, He is starring in a series called Walkers which is already in its third season, and Texas Rangers.

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3. Misha Collins

Misha played the role of Castiel in the series, although he did not make an appearance till season 4 he did become a fan favorite in his time on the series. After the show ended Misha also went on different roads and is planning to star as Harvey Dent in Gotham Knights series.

4. Jim Beaver

Jim played the role of Dean and Sam’s loving father although he was not a series regular he did make his appearance in almost every season even if it was for a single episode, which made him an important part of the series. After the series ended he went on to work in B Positive and Nightmare Alley. He is also appearing in Kindling.

5. Mark Sheppard

Mark was an in-and-out character of the series appearing from seasons 5 to 9 and then making a continued appearance for the 10th season till he made his exit by the 12th season, He played the role of Crowley. After the series he worked in Doom Patrol and Mania City, Mark also worked with Jared in Walker.

6. Alexander Calvert

Alexander played the role of Jack Kline and Belphegor in the series, he was first introduced in season 10 and then became a regular from season 13 till season 15, Calvert is in talks to join The Boys spinoff, Gen V.

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