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What Tom Holland’s Black Venom Symbiotic Spider-Man Suit Could Look Like

Tom Holland debuted in Hollywood playing Spider-Man in the movie Captain America: Civil War. He has also played role in a few more Marvel movies such as the Spider-Man: Homecoming and the climatic and record-breaking movie Avengers: Endgame.

The actor was last seen in Spider-man: Far From Home, which was the last chapter for phase III of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). It was the solo outing of the actor which marks the official closing of phase 3 of MCU outings.

A super talented fan artist of Spider-man movies has created a fanart with the imagination of how Tom Holland‘s Spider-Man would look like in the Venom’s symbiote black suit.

There has been confirmed news of dispute between Disney, who owns Marvel studio with Sony, who maintains the Spider-Man movie rights.

Marble is expected to be losing access to Spider-Man and Sony will be having full movie rights as both would not collaborate anymore. But the speculations are there that Holland would still return as Spiderman in the upcoming movies in the near future.

Many die-hard fans of Spider-Man has expressed on Social media handles like Instagram, how they wish to see a clash between the Spider-Man and the venom, which would be an epic. They have released their imaginations of how Spider-Man would be wearing venom’s black symbiote suit.

Spider-Man has encountered Venom only once in Spider-Man 3 where Spiderman was played by the hero Tobey Maguire.

Fans are longing to see how Sony would introduce the character after being in a Marvel cinematic universe for years.

A fan has gone further by releasing the imagined look of the black suit and looks of the Spider-Man in the upcoming movie.

Sony may have plans to unite the two characters but nothing has officially been annoyed and fans are in suspense of how the story would move forward.

The amazing work of the artist is highly creative and could be considered as an inspiration for Spider-Man in future movies that would be in the works.

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