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Watch Hilarious Reaction Of Kris To Kylie Jenner‘s Prank

Kylie Jenner was up to funny business While quarantining in Palm Springs mansion with her mom Kris! Kylie filmed herself slowly moving towards her sleeping mom, who did not react exactly as Kylie expected. Check out below how Kris reacted.

The beauty mogul Kylie decided to give her mom the startle of her life while on April 21 Kris fell asleep inside her $12 million Palm Springs mansion. Luckily for fans, Kylie wanted to use her Instagram Story to film this hilarious attempt.

Kylie murmurs into the phone that this is the perfect environment for Kris Jenner. She also tried to create a wildlife documentary moment when she jokingly whispered zooming in on Kris Jenner’s face saying Kris is really dangerous.

“Guys you’re not going to believe this. I found a Kris Jenner in her natural habitat,” Kylie whispered into her cell phone as she slowly approached the unsuspecting Kris. Kylie whispered once again in a barely audible voice, “A Kris Jenner in her natural habitat.”

Kylie eventually screamed after this and it didn’t do anything to Kris, Kylie screamed the second time at a higher volume and Kris slowly opened her eyes and looked at Kylie. Kris Jenner has just said in a low sleepy voice that they are crazy. Kylie didn’t expect Kris to wake up with such quietness. Kylie did ask her mom, though, as she couldn’t believe two screams were needed to wake her up. Later on, Kris went back to napping and ignored the girls, and Kylie turned the cam off.

Although Kylie is social distancing with her mom and with her daughter Stormi at the Hidden Hills mansion. Kylie and Stormi visited Kris Jenner for Easter in Palm Springs and have not yet left.

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