Vietnamese Government Request Netflix To Ban Little Women, Studio Dragon Responds

Netflix removed the South Korean drama Little Women From Vietnam due to offensive content claimed by the nation’s government

The Vietnamese government has asked Netflix not to air the South Korean series Little Women. The government claims the show has wrongly depicted the Vietnam War (1960-1975). It also alleged that the show violates media and cinema laws. Little Women was then removed from Netflix Vietnam.

Little Women which is a mystery thriller ranked sixth on the global Netflix chart, however, it was pulled down from airing in Vietnam. Vietnamese newspaper Truoi Tre reported that the Director of the Department of Broadcasting, Television and Electronic Information Le Quang Tu Do asked Netflix to prevent streaming the Korean drama in Vietnam.

Reports suggest that, in the 12 episodic series, episodes three and eight mislead the Vietnam War that took place in 1990. Netflix accepted the request by the Vietnamese government and agreed to remove the series within the week. 

Studio Dragon issued an official statement addressing the inaccurate representation of the Vietnam War. As per Soompi, the production company said, “We are addressing the concerns regarding a portion of the [story] set-up covered in Little Women. We will place more caution in societal and cultural sensitivity issues in future content production.”

The mystery thriller Little Women is the story of three sisters who grew up in the lower class of society. Their lives become entangled with one of the richest and most influential families in South Korea. The show stars, Kim Go Eun playing the eldest sibling, Oh In Joo. While the second oldest sibling is Oh In Kyung, played by Nam Ji Hyun, and the youngest sister Oh In Hye is portrayed by Park Ji Hoo. Little Women is slightly based on the Louisa May Alcott novel of the same name.

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