Why Did Bella Hadid Unfollowed Selena Gomez On Instagram Just After Re-Following Her ?

Bella had unfollowed Selena back in 2017 after her ex-boyfriend and singer The Weeknd started dating the latter. The pair had already appeared together at the 2017 Met Gala and raised several eyebrows. Bella and The Weeknd are reported to have shared an on-again, off-again affair from until now in 2015.Selena agreed to end her feud with Bella after Selena and The Weeknd broke up and followed her on Instagram and even left a positive message on the model's post. Bella, however, did not reciprocate the sentiments and even deleted the post. And now, after so many years, things seem to be settled between the girls. After fans went berserk, Bella unfollowed Selena again. However, TMZ had reported that the stars sorted things behind-the-scenes. It was inevitable as they share common friends. Bella’s sister Gigi Hadid is best friends with Taylor Swift. Taylor is Selena’s BFF. But...history happened to repeat itself and fans found out quickly on May 5 that Bella Hadid unfollowed the Instagram account of Selena Gomez — just one day after Bella made headlines to follow the Instagram page of Selena again! The fact that Selena still follows Bella's Instagram is making things even more uncomfortable, something that just should not be ignored.TMZ had confirmed, however, that the stars were sorting things out behind the scenes. As they share mutual friends it was unavoidable. Bella's sister Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift are best friends. Taylor is BFF to Selena.

6th May 2020 | 06:32 PM (IST)