Tom Hardy's Transformation Into An Aging Capone Looks Horrifying

Actor Tom Hardy, had to heavily work on his look in order to play gangster Al Capone in the upcoming biopic Capone. Photographer Greg Williams shared a new behind-the-scenes photo of Hardy which shows his transformation to play an aging Capone after an extensive make-up process. Tom also took to his Instagram to share the new poster for Capone. Williams also praised the "amazing make-up" by Audrey Doyle, who served as make-up and prosthetics designer for the movie. Capone was 48 years old when he died in Florida 1947, so the make-up aged the 42-year-old actor slightly for the role. The biopic follows the last year of the mobster's life, as he settles down in Florida after spending 10 years behind bars.

7th May 2020 | 02:44 PM (IST)