Tom Cruise And Elon Musk Collaborate For A First Ever Feature Film Shot In Space

Climbing tallest building and mountains in Mission Impossible franchise wasn't quite enough for Tom Cruise and looks like the actor is all set to be part of world's first feature film shot in space. It might sound crazy but yes there's been news circulating that Tom has collaborated with NASA and Elon Musk's SpaceX for filming his upcoming narrative feature film in space. Unfortunately its not another Mission Impossible film nor its associated with any studio yet. Going by the reports, Tom and Elon's SpaceX, are in talks with NASA for shooting Cruise's upcoming action film in outer space. However there's not any confirmation yet. Jim Bridenstine, a NASA Administrator, broke the news about Elon Musk's space ship, the first-ever launch of astronauts to the International Space Station in Musk's SpaceX spacecraft but no mention of Tom was made. If this comes out to be true it will be the first ever feature film to be shot in space and that too in Elon Musk's space ship. Tom was busy shooting Mission Impossible sequels before coronavirus pandemic halted the shoot.

6th May 2020 | 01:04 PM (IST)