Kylie Jenner Tests Stormi’s ‘Patience’With A Bowl Of Tempting Chocolates Wins Over Internet

The sweet two-year-old was offered the ultimate test when Kylie Jenner, 22, put her daughter in front of a bowl of candy-coated chocolates and shared the results on May 11.Kylie told her daughter she would get three chocolates ... with a challeng! Stormi had to wait for Kylie to come back from the bathroom, but the totally happily complied with enthusiastic okay's and a "yeah! "Then comes the challenge. Stormi stared into the distance as she avoided to touch the chocolates – or even make eye contact.Stormi almost hit a break point though; Kylie's mini bent  forward and almost snatched a treat! Stormi, waiting to catch herself, began to sing "patience, patience, patience, patience," as if it were a rhyme for a nursery.The self-coaching had been working! Stormi let out an enthusiastic scream at the return of Kylie who asked, “Did you wait?”   "Stormi replied proudly," Yup! "" and got her reward (to which she replied adorably, "Wonderful").Stormi always gives countless smiles and laughs to Kylie, which is why she was incredibly happy to celebrate Mother's Day on May 10.

12th May 2020 | 06:42 PM (IST)