Kevin Smith Shares Fond Memory Of Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher is remarkably one such actor who has given us so much memories from Star Wars saga. Her character Princess Leia can never be replaced by any other actor. Fans fell in love with her seeing her extraordinary personality and no wonder she got along with writer and director Kevin Smith. Recently, Smith held a quarantine watch party of the film, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, in which Kevin claims, Carrie did a cameo for no money, instead she asked for something else, in the tweet, Kevin wrote, "CARRIE FISHER agreed to be in STRIKE BACK for no money. She just wanted us to buy a pair of antique beaver chairs. When I met her on set, I asked "Why the chairs?" She said "I thought beaver was ironic currency to be in your movie." Loved her so much." Fisher’s ability to read people so acutely had always been a feature that made her an iconic fixture in the entertainment industry, even past her role as General Leia Organa in the Star Wars' Skywalker Saga. The end result of this comedic negotiation between mutual pranksters led to one of the funniest scenes in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

15th May 2020 | 12:59 PM (IST)