Kendall Jenner Is In Trouble!Sued For Copyright Infringement

"Kendall Jenner has been charged with a massive lawsuit of $150,000 (£120,000) for sharing a video on Instagram that she supposedly did not have the rights to.A photographer named Angela Ma is suing the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star and her company Kendall Jenner Inc. for copyright infringement, as per a filing, court papers have revealed.Kendall's video was shared with her 128million followers, with 13million views on the video itself.Reportedly, the New York-based artist wants the court to award her damages because she claims that Kendall's post reduced the value of her footage after it was posted online for her millions of fans to see.Angela also asks the court to order Kendall to delete the clip from her Instagram page, and to account for all the profits she made by posting the video to the supermodel.

8th May 2020 | 05:06 PM (IST)