Katy Perry Chose Jennifer Aniston As Her Future Daughter’s Godmother ?

"Singer Katy Perry has named her longtime friend and actress Jennifer Aniston as godmother of her future daughter. Perry is expected to give birth to her first child with fiance and actor Orlando Bloom in the coming weeks. It was announced in a story published in The Sun that the 35-year-old pop star and the 43-year-old actor have chosen Aniston as godmother of their daughter. The source reported that the 51-year-old actress Perry and Bloom were at the top of their list of potential godparents and ""wept when they asked her""to step into the role. Aniston has reportedly given much emotional support to Perry during her pregnancy. Katy and Jen are incredibly similar. They went for socially-distant walks during lockdown, and spent plenty of time catching up, the source said."

13th July 2020 | 04:35 PM (IST)