Judi Dench Creates History By Featuring On British Vogue At The Age Of 85

Oscar winning veteran star Judi Drench becomes first lady to feature on a leading British magazine Vogue's cover page for June's issue. The actor did her photoshoot right before global pandemic stopped everything and we just can't take our eyes off the picture in which Judi is looking stunning. It's rightly said 'age is just a number' and that's what Judi just proved at the age of 85 the actor is sure shot giving tough competition to the new age actors and models. Fans went berserk seeing Skyfall star rocking the front page like a pro, everyone even went on to call her a legend and lauded her for creating history. She has also become a social media star during the lockdown, despite not using any social media. She has appeared in videos posted by family members, and also did a TikTok dance with her grandson to the song Cheryl by US rapper Yung Gravy.

6th May 2020 | 02:48 PM (IST)