John Boyega Reveals Who Finn Loved In Star Wars Rise Of Skywalker And Its Not Rey

As Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker hits Disney Plus fans are going berserk seeing their favourite franchise finally getting a OTT release that to on Star Wars day. However, fans are extremely happy seeing the film, on the other Jon Boyega just confirmed who his character Finn loved the most and his answer will surprise you. Ever since the new trilogy started, fans wanted to see Finn getting romantically involved with Rey. But in his latest tweet the actor might have shattered fans dream by confessing his love for other character, he wrote, “This warrior stole Finn’s heart after 9 Had so many conversations with Naomi like, when are we kissing like Han and Leia!!!” Surprised, we are too, romance has always played a pivotal role in the Star Wars franchise, from the original trilogy to the final instalment. The relationship between Han Solo and Princess Leia, for example, is arguably the greatest romance of the Star Wars series.

5th May 2020 | 04:52 PM (IST)