Jax & Brittany Are Trying For A Baby While In Quarantine

Jax & Brittany eagerly waiting to be parents amid the lockdown due to coronavirus. the couple spilled the beans on the show Just the Sip about wantong to havea baby and they are trying for it while in Quarantine. “We’re hoping we can get a quarantine baby out of this,” Brittany confimed on E!'s show Just the Sip “We’re ready to go,” she added with a smile.The stars of the Vanderpump Rules were cozy and casual as they took part in a virtual home interview on Wednesday, April 22, with Brittany in a red t-shirt and top knot bun and Jax opting for a black t-shirt that has printed "Cheers." Once it comes to a future pregnancy, the couple are clearly on the same page, Jax acknowledged that he had some concerns about the timing of the Coronavirus outbreak. In June 2019, Jax and Brittany got married in a romantic ceremony in their home state of Kentucky, and were transparent about their wish to start a family.

25th April 2020 | 06:56 PM (IST)