Here’s Why Britney Spears Feel Like An ‘Ugly Duckling’

While wowing on Star Search at age 10, appearing on Disney's The Mickey Mouse Club at age 11, and bursting onto the pop scene with "Baby One More Time" in 1998 at age 16, fans witnessed Britney Spears transform from an adorable teenage girl into a beautiful woman. Yet now the pop princess claims she hasn't felt so good since her childhood.She revealed in an Instagram post on May 18 that she was so insecure that she couldn't pull off wearing her hair without hair . , and that her teeth made her look like a “ugly duckling.” Brit also said that a modeling agency said she “wasn’t pretty enough” to operate for them in her grade years.The 38-year-old posted a selfie on Instagram with her blonde hair pulled up in a high ponytail, as fine hair wisps float down over her forehead. Fortunately her fans were there to remind the singing sensation that no matter how she wears her makeup, she's a knockout. her fans pour in with positive comments after this and filled her comment section with positivity. Also Britney should see good in herself and flaunt her flaws, as nothing is perfect in the world.

20th May 2020 | 05:43 PM (IST)