Colin Farrell Was Fascinated By Dumbo Film Set

Actor Colin Farrell, who portrayed the character of Holt in the live action Dumbo film, was very much enthralled by the films set that he was overwhelmed despite most of the set was green and blue screen. Talking about his experience in the set, he said, "This is like nothing I have ever seen before! I mean, from the ground up, even the corner parts of the set that will never be seen on camera and the attention to detail, you know. It’s just - you go in one door and it's one world. It's pretty astonishing really! And it's great as an actor because it just allows you to inhabit the world,” The circus of the film was built inside a sound stage and utilised about 300 LED lights to create various affects such as sunset, sunrise, and many other weather effects.

2nd May 2020 | 04:44 PM (IST)