Christopher Mcquarrie Sheds Light On Hayley Atwell’s Character In Mission Impossible 7 And 8

"Mission Impossible writer director Christopher McQuarrie, and actor Simon Pegg along with franchise newcomer Hayley Atwell recently appeared in the Light the Fuse podcast, in which the director sheds some light on Atwell’s character. Tom Cruise starrer Mission Impossible 7 and 8 was supposed to film back to back until the world was hit by a global pandemic due to which every major production came to a standstill. In the podcast, Christopher reveals how Hayley’s character fits into the film, he said, “For Hayley to exist in a franchise where other women had come and made statements, we said ‘well it can’t be like that.’ We don’t want Hayley to be a repeat of any character that’s come before. What’s left? What’s unique and what’s new? We wrote a scene about what we imagined the spark of that character to be, and that’s what Hayley came in and read. What we discovered there is this energy that Hayley had, specifically an energy with Tom. It’s not a vibe, it’s literally a vibration. You felt it and you were like, ‘I don’t know what to make of this person.” The director described her character a “destructive force of nature” which in itself is a bold description. Well we can say a major twist is coming our way as director said she’ll be a key player and not just someone who’ll pass through. "

15th May 2020 | 11:59 AM (IST)