Chris Hemsworth Likes Shooting Non-Stop Action Sequence

Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth says he likes to shoot non-stop action sequences so that he can keep up with the momentum. Recently, Hemsworth was seen doing some jaw-dropping action sequences in his digital film "Extraction". The film was shot in various different locations with the film's climactic sequence culminating in an epic gun battle over a bridge. Talking about the action packed climax, Hemsworth said: "The action was non-stop but I like it that way. Sometimes on a film when you have long waiting times, you lose momentum, especially with something so physical. But using an actual bridge meant we could immerse ourselves in the action and the emotion.". After scouting multiple bridges in India and Thailand for the final action sequence, the makers decided to shoot the climax at the Lat Bua Khao Bridge in Thailand's Ratchaburi. Once the bridge was secured, the art department began creating the blockade which is shown during the final escape sequence. The blockade consisted of a whole of 132 vehicles that were piled up on the bridge.

9th May 2020 | 01:46 PM (IST)