Chris Evans Was Psyched When He Came To Know He’ll Be Lifting Mjolnir

2019’s most awaited film Avengers Endgame recently completed a year. The film created box office history when it became the highest grossing film worldwide, beating James Cameron's Avatar (2009). To celebrate the special occasion makers Russ Brothers organized a watch party, in which they also answered some fan questions too. During the watch party a netizen asked Russo Brothers what was Chris Evans reaction when he got to know that he will be lifting Mjolnir, to which they said, “It was early in development when we let him know he was going to pick up the hammer… needless to say he was psyched. The crew on these films are filled with comic book lovers, so you can guess how excited everyone was the day we filmed this.” Although there many scenes in the film which are applause worthy, but one Captain America aka Steve Rogers lifts Mjolinir is hands down the most epic scene in any marvel film.

29th April 2020 | 05:21 PM (IST)