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Vanessa Hudgens Reveals Release Date Of Her Netflix Film

This is a very exciting moment for all the fans of the bubbly and stunning film actor around the world as their golden eyed girl Vanessa Hudgens reveals release date of her Netflix Film.

The media, film critics, Hollywood film fraternity and her ever growing army of fans across the globe are surely smiling their heart out since it’s a glorious moment for them as their favorite actor Vanessa Hudgens reveals release date of her Netflix Film.

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Versatile actor Vanessa Hudgens has created a permanent niche for herself as a successful and iconic actor who is best known for charming her way into the fans and global audience’s hearts with her remarkable and unforgettable performances in films like Disney’s The High School Musical Series which became a franchise because of the quirky storyline and the entire star cast’s acting in the film which makes the film series as an evergreen and classic cult film that every kid of the 90’s and every high school kid has grown up watching.

Vanessa is set to reprise her role yet again in the sequel to the superhit Netflix holiday film of 2018 which was titled as “The Princess Switch”. But the most interesting part in the sequel film is that Vanessa is going to be playing three roles instead of the double role that she played in the original film where she played two characters of lookalikes who looked eerily similar to each other in the film and their names were royal Duchess Margaret Delacourt and talented baker Stacy Denovo.

The film sequel is titled, “The Princess Switch: Switched Again”. And the most intriguing factor which will be the USP of the film is the third character that is going to be added by her in the mix which would go by the name of party girl Fiona who will be Margaret’s cousin in the movie.

The release date of the Netflix holiday film sequel “The Princess Switch: Switched Again” is 19th November 2020. Netflix themselves announced this on Wednesday as a part of their upcoming Christmas movies slate.

Additionally, we have also got to know the news now that Netflix has given an early green signal and approval for a third movie in the Princess Switch franchise.

While plot details have not been revealed as they have been kept very tightly under the wraps, The audiences and fans can take a wild guess here, which would be that Vanessa will be bringing in front of the audiences a fourth lookalike in this film.

Production and the shooting schedule along with the filming of the third film would be kick starting in Scotland towards the end of this year and will be released during the Christmas holidays in 2021.

In The Princess Switch: Switched Again, the story of the film starts from the point when Duchess Margaret (Hudgens) all of a sudden receives the royal throne to Montenaro where her relationship with boyfriend Kevin also becomes very rocky and murky, at this moment in the film we would see that how it’s up to her double Princess Stacy of Belgravia (also Hudgens) to get these star-crossed lovers back together with each other … But like every other story, we will see the familiar and clichéd angle of true love that gets into jeopardy and ends up becoming complicated by the new character appearance of a handsome royal who’s determined and hell bent on stealing Duchess Margaret’s heart since his eyes get settled on her. Now here is when the makers would be throwing in the sudden arrival of Margaret’s outrageous party girl cousin Fiona which will be played by Hudgens again who would be a third lookalike having dreams and ambitions of her own. This is when you have the recipe for Christmas triple trouble.

Also returning from the first movie are Sam Palladio and Nick Sagar. Hudgens adds a producer title for the sequel, as well as the third movie.

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