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Twitteratis Are Incredibly Upset After Learning Zendaya Is Only For ‘Seven Minutes’ In Dune

Despite her limited screen time fans still thought she stole the movie and expect she will most likely have a much bigger role in the sequel.

Warner Bros. released its most anticipated movie Dune in both theaters and on HBO Max over the weekend. However, some fans seem to be rather disappointed at a serious lack of actress Zendaya.

The 25-year-old actress plays Chani in the adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novel. Through the trailers and promotions, many fans assumed that it was one of the bigger roles in the movie. However, after Vulture reported over the weekend that Zendaya is only in seven minutes of the two-hour-35-minute film, many took to Twitter to lash out.

Zendaya’s character Chani in dune movie has her destiny knitted with Timothee Chalamet’s character Paul Atreides, with both actors revealing in several press interviews that they became ‘best friends’ on the set. While fans may have assumed from her presence in the marketing and in press interviews, she is only seen and heard in seven minutes of the film. Although, it is clear that she will most likely have a much bigger role in the sequel, which still doesn’t have an official green light by Warner Bros. Still, the potential promise of more Zendaya in the sequel didn’t stop fans from expressing their frustration on Twitter.

YouTuber MacDoesIt tweeted, “The credits were longer than zendaya camera time in Dune.” Meanwhile, @itsnotjess123 added, “Dune better get a sequel the way Zendaya has been put to work for the promo.” A.V. Club journalist Caroline Siede added that both Dune and Spider-Man: Homecoming, “press tours that imply Zendaya is a lead of the film even though she won’t actually play a major role until the sequel.”

Despite her limited screen time, which largely bookends the movie, with Chani coming to Paul Atreides in visions, fans still thought she stole the movie. “It only took 7 minutes for Zendaya to steal the whole damn movie anyway,” said a Twitter user. Another added, “The new Dune TV spot was 90% Zendaya they are baiting everyone so hard.” @32backwoods, penned, “So I went into that new movie Dune expecting Zendaya to serve per usual the way they had her promoting it… just for her to have 10 minutes of screentime in a 2-hour movie.” @DAISYSCORTANA added that “they had Zendaya on press tour as if she has more than 5 minutes on screen.” Nicole added a winking meme and, “Zendaya her entire 10 minutes of screen time in Dune (2021).”

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