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With Twilight Saga On Netflix, Internet Floods Up With Memes

The much awaited supernatural themed vampire-human lovestory Twilight saga arrived on Netflix, and internet is flooded with comical memes and lots more.

This is a really true blessing for fans and audiences who never really left Forks, Washington behind as the most iconic and loved film series Twilight has arrived with a bang on Netflix and with Twilight saga on Netflix, internet floods up with memes.

For the Twihards who have always loved the love story of Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), a vampire and Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) who is a mortal human, it officially means cancelling all their plans and settling in as everyone is watching the film series on Netflix and of course, how can we forget that with Twilight saga on Netflix, internet floods up with memes.

This is true and legit 100% real that with Twilight saga on Netflix, internet floods up with memes.

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Social media is getting filled up with virtually monumental celebrations along with tons of countless hysterical and hilarious memes as well.

For die hard and ardent fans who really love the entire film series and their love story, after you all have taken some time out for figuring out your official twilight nickname and also relived every moment of the film which the talented hollywood actor Robert Pattinson aka Edward Cullen himself in many interviews has compared it to the ‘existential art house horror movies’, you should just go ahead and take a scroll on your own microblogging site Twitter account feed in which one user has correctly stated along with a meme about how “there’s no reason to be sad anymore” now.

Source Nautalii twitter. She being a fan has expressed her joy and happiness with the meme.

If it comes down to your future plans then surely they are settled as another user in her tweet says, “everyone shut up the twilight saga is gonna be back on netflix next week no one disturb me i’ll be busy”.

Source: Ufobri Twitter. A die hard fan, her meme tweet is basically expressing every fan’s happiness right now.

A  fan mulling about possible future as a member of Cullen family, tweeted, “Me after binging all of the Twilight movies in one sitting now that they’re on Netflix”.

Source: Tiffany Sheri Twitter. Her tweet cleverly with a comical undertone has stated feeling of every ardent movie lover and diligent fan who has dreamt to be a member of Cullen family

Whilst other enthusiast fan actually contemplating on how Jasper continuously had this innate ability to effectively conceal and masquerade as high school student, wrote, “If jasper (from twilight) went that wild because of bella’s PAPER CUT how tf was he able to go to a public school??? the risk of injury is so high there??”.

Source: Chyxanne Twitter. Part of the Twihard fandom globally, this dedicated and ardent fangirl has actually raised a question along with her meme which challenges various global fan theories about Jasper Hale in Twilight saga.

A twitterati had this important question about how was it possible that entire Forks town just loved Bella and mentioning the same along with her confusion, she shared, “Watching Twilight , i just wanna know what was in the air that made the whole town love Bella”.

Source: Lovely Goddessss Twitter. Using sarcasm with undertone of humour, she mentions how entire Forks just loves Bella and is it really possible in real life.

A fan also appreciating the iconic film moment especially the famous baseball scene from the first movie Twilight in his tweet wrote, “The baseball scene in twilight is truly iconic and always will be”.

Source: Rocio Ceja Twitter. She has lauded the iconic baseball scene in the first Twilight movie in her meme tweet.

One user lauding how Cinema really got better and more flourished with the particular scene tweeted, “cinema really and truly peaked with the baseball scene in twilight”.

Source: Aro Ceu Twitter. She has also applauded the cult and exemplary baseball scene in first film through her tweet.

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