TRUTH Behind Rihanna And ASAP Rocky Cheating Allegations And Breakup Rumours

Designer Amina Muaddi recently took to Instagram and slams cheating allegations while debunking Rihanna and A$AP Rocky's breakup rumour.

There’s a story buzzing around the internet that Rihanna and A$AP Rocky parted their ways because he cheated on her. However, a source directly connected to both artists who have regular interaction with them tells TMZ that neither the breakup claim nor the cheating allegations are true. For unversed, the rumours circulating claims Rihanna called it quits with A$AP after she caught him cheating with shoe designer, Amina Muaddi.

Muaddi does have a connection to RiRi she’s a shoe designer for Rihanna’s Fenty brand. Meanwhile, Amina Muaddi addressed the rumours while saying to TMZ, “I’ve always believed that an unfounded lie spread on social media doesn’t deserve any response or clarification, especially one that is so vile. I initially assumed that this fake gossip would not be taken seriously.”

Muaddi added, “However in the last 24h I’ve been reminded that we live in a society that is so quick to speak on topics regardless of factual basis and that nothing is off-limits. Not even during what should be one of the most beautiful and celebrated times in one’s life.”
She continues, “Therefore I have to speak up as this is not only directed towards me but it is related to people I have a great amount of respect and affection for.”

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She concluded, “While Rih is continuing to live her serene, best-dressed pregnancy life and I go back to my business. I wish everyone a beautiful Easter weekend!” Meanwhile, a source close to Rihanna and ASAP told TMZ, “100% false on both counts,” and then added, “1 million per cent not true. They’re fine.” As the rumour was bubbling up, Amina reposted recent pics of Rihanna out and about in West Hollywood. Notably, that would have been an odd move if she really were cheating with A$AP.