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Travis Scott Releases First Song After Deadly Astroworld Incident

Rapper Travis Scott's latest song is loaded with references, however, the star did not seem to mention Astroworld or his own reclusiveness in recent months.

Travis Scott released his new song Hold That Heat, his first single since the tragedy happened at his Astroworld concert last November. The rapper collaborated with rapper Future and producer Southside. The trio also released a new music video to go along with their new song.

In the video, Scott can first be seen hanging out in a hallway while holding on to a metal chain wrapped around an alligator’s neck. Later on, in the music video, Scott sits on a couch near his collaborator Future and the two smoked marijuana together while Scott continues to rap. One man later watches a woman, wearing mesh netting and pasties, as she performs a striptease.

The song is loaded with references including one to his upcoming album, Utopia. Travis rapped, ‘Six months down out in Cabo,’ referencing a rumour that he’s been going back and forth from a studio in Mexico. He also made a nod to his close friendship with NBA shooting guard James Harden with the line, ‘Took her to Brooklyn to meet with thirteen.’

While he made a number of references to drugs and alcohol in the rap, the star did not seem to mention Astroworld or his own reclusiveness in recent months. For unversed, the goosebumps singer played a show in Houston that descended into chaos when the huge crowd began to push forward on November 2, 2021.

The resulting phenomenon, known as a crowd crush, led numerous people to try and escape from the crowd by climbing up sound equipment or shouting for help. While chaos was happening, Scott continued to perform before eventually stopping the show and pointing out the chaos. Though members of the crowd eventually received the help they needed, 10 people died because of injuries sustained during the Travis Scott concert accident.

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Check Out Travis Scott’s New Song Here:

Credit: Official YouTube Channel Of Southside
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