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Top 5 Highest Paid actors in Hollywood

Here is the list of Hollywood’s top 5 highest paid actors.

As we all have imagined someday or the other about the earnings that can be made in the Hollywood industry. We also think that all the actors earn a lot and get jealous of them. But there is a difference in the pay scale of every actor. 

Today we are here to increase your jealousy towards the Hollywood stars by sharing with you a list of top 5 highest-paid actors of Hollywood in 2019.

1) Dwayne Johnson

Along with being a former wrestler popularly known as ‘The Rock’ in the world wrestling entertainment, Dwayne Johnson also earned a great reputation in his acting career giving us movies like Hercules, Fast & Furious Franchise, G. I. Joe, Skyscraper, San Andreas, Jumanji, and many other movies. With earnings of $89.4 million, Dwayne Johnson has acquired the top position in the list of highest-paid actors, according to Forbes.

2) Chris Hemsworth.

One of the most handsome men alive has managed to make us all fall in for him through movies like Thor series, Star Trek, Avengers, MIB International, and few others. With $76.4 million of earning Chris Hemsworth has earned the second position in the list.

3) Robert Downey Jr.

The most loved man from the Hollywood Industry. He has entertained us with movies like Iron Man Series, Sherlock Holmes, Avengers, The Judge, Due Date, and a lot of others. With earnings of $66 million, Robert takes the third place in the Forbes list.

4) Jackie Chan

Next, we have the most amazing and hilarious actor Jackie Chan. He has been entertaining the world with his kung fu and witty acting for many years now. He ranks on the fourth place in the list with $58 million of earning.

5) Bradley Cooper and Adam Sandler

The fifth position is a tie between Bradley Cooper and Adam Sandler with earning of $57 million.

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