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Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Audition Clip Surfaces As He Gets Candid About The Role: Check Out

Tom Holland can be seen using his signature charm and energy while trying out for the role that eventually made him a global movie star.

Tom Holland recently get candid about the audition process of Spider-Man while revealing trying out for the role was the most stressful time of his life. Spider-Man star also gushed about how nerve-wracking the audition process was to try out for the role. In a recent interview, Holland said, “The audition process, it still blows my mind how crazy that whole thing was.”

The Uncharted star, who had previously starred on the West End as Billy Elliot continues, “I look back on it and it was definitely the most stressful time of my life because I didn’t know whether my life was about to change and I wanted to play this character that I’d grown up loving and admiring.” However, as Holland gushed about the audition process, the clip for the Spider-Man audition has surfaced in a behind-the-scenes featurette video.

The actor, who was only a teenager at the time, can be seen using his signature charm and energy while trying out for the role that eventually made him a global movie star. In one clip Tom was shown rapidly extending his hands, acting as if Spider-Man’s webs were flying from his fingers. Somebody off-camera then tossed Tom a large boot as a stand-in for whatever object Spider-Man was supposed to be retrieved with the webs.

Meanwhile, another clip with the audio off showed Tom chatting casually with the camera while wearing a backpack slung from just one shoulder. That piece of the video clearly showed him as Spider-Man’s alter ego Peter Parker, an unassuming high school student. Tom could be seen in another clip playing a scene for the audition that involved him looking down somewhat abashedly and walking off.

However, in the recent interview, producer Amy Pascal revealed, “I don’t think it was ever a question about who was gonna be it from the first second.” She gushed that Tom ‘was funny, self-deprecating, innocent,’ quipping that ‘he had a terrible haircut from some other movie he was doing.’ Amy explained in her interview, “Tom inhabited the character in a way that I don’t think any of us had ever seen before.”

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Check Out The Spider-man Audition Clip Of Tom Holland Here:

Credits: Official YouTube Channel Of Everything Always
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