Tom Hanks Shares 3 Three Simple Things To Fight COVID-19

During a virtual press tour for his new film Greyhound, actor Tom Hanks, who tested Coronavirus Positive earlier this year, spoke about the devastating effects of the pandemic and addressed people who neglect security measures in the midst of the ongoing major pandemic. Tom Hanks encouraged fans in the interview to ‘do their part’ and said ‘wear a mask, social distance & wash hands’ is important. Adding to that, Tom Hanks said it’s a shame on those people who can’t ‘find it in themselves to practice these three very fundamental things. Tom Hanks also provided an update on how Rita Wilson and he and his wife are doing months after their diagnosis and revealed they had 10 days of very uncomfortable symptoms. In addition to this, Tom Hanks revealed that he and his wife were isolated to test if their temperatures had spiked and if their lungs had filled up. He also noted he and his wife are COVID-19 model recoverees. Besides Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson stars like Madonna and Elba Charlotte Lawrence, Manu Dibango, Colton Underwood and Andy Cohen tested positive for the novel Coronavirus.

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