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Tom Felton Was Almost Cast As Harry Potter

The filmmaker dyed Tom's hair during the audition for Harry Potter but he was so good at Malfoy the director just couldn't pass that up.

There are some beloved characters whom you can’t imagine being played by anyone else than the actors that portrayed them. However, the same applies to so many roles in Harry Potter. Tom Felton who is well known for portraying Draco Malfoy in the wizarding world ( Tom Felton on Harry Potter), was actually considered to play the title role which eventually went to Daniel Radcliffe.

The filmmaker Christopher Columbus, who directed Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets revealed they dyed Tom’s hair during the audition for Harry Potter, but it just didn’t work. “Tom was a great actor as well, so we thought, let’s just dye Tom’s hair, give him a scar, give him the glasses and let’s see,” Columbus told The Hollywood Reporter.

Columbus went on saying, “He did a great Harry Potter reading. The problem is you can really kind of tell when an 11- or 12-year-old kid’s hair is dyed. He was so good at Malfoy. I just couldn’t pass that up. I knew Tom had to play Malfoy.”

However, talking back in 2011, Tom said that he was “grateful” to have landed the role of Draco, rather than playing Harry or Ron. While speaking to MTV News, he told, “I’m very grateful I am in the film at all, but even more grateful that I got the character of Draco. I think Rupert and Dan, there’s no question in my mind, there’s no one else in the world that, could have played the character better, but could have handled the behind-the-scenes pressure those guys have dealt with over the last decade.”

Meanwhile, earlier this month, Tom had a health scare after collapsing while participating in a celebrity golf tournament at Whistling Straits Golf Course in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, ahead of the Ryder Cup. He later took to Instagram to inform fans that he was “on the mend” and thanked people for checking in. “Bit of a scary episode really, but people have been taking really good care of me, so thank you very much to anyone who has sent messages to get well soon,” he said.

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