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Tom Cruise Is Intent On Returning To Venice To Film Mission Impossible 7

Tom Crusie starrer Mission Impossible Italy shoot was called-off amid the coronavirus pandemic but the actor is determined to return to Italy once the situation subsides to finish the shoot of Mission Impossible 7.

Tom Cruise Mission Impossible filming was scheduled to take place in Venice, Italy before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the nation. Italy was amongst the worst hit nation across the globe. According to the source close to the development said that the 57-year old actor will not change the location, and is determined to complete the shoot in Venice.

The source revealed, “Tom is refusing to film anywhere else as he wants to pump his millions back into one of the worst-hit areas of COVID-19 to help it recover.”

The source further added that filmmakers had attempted to find an alternative location but he didn’t agree on any of the suggestions. The source feels like it’s a thoughtful decision on behalf of Tom Cruise and will surely be welcomed by the people of Venice with open arms.

As parks, factories and building sites are slowly reopening in Italy post the pandemic has subsided, the cast and crew of Mission Impossible won’t have to wait for too long to kick start the filming.

Earlier this year, Cruise had to stay in a luxury hotel in Venice when the filming of the much-awaited film suddenly halted amid the lockdown orders to combat the spread of the disease.

Post the disruption people were assuming that Cruise would relocate the shoot to Buckinghamshire’s Pinewood Studios.

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Speaking of Mission: Impossible 7, the film is helmed by filmmaker Christopher McQuarrie. The film was slated to release on July 23, 2021, but it has pushed further amid the pandemic. Now it is speculated that the film will release on November 19, 2021.

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