Tom Cruise and Doug Liman Plan to Reunite for the Sequel of ‘Edge of Tomorrow’

Highly Anticipated Follow-Up to Sci-Fi Hit is in Talks While the Original Film Celebrates its 10th Anniversary.

Hollywood icon Tom Cruise is in talks with filmmaker Doug Liman for making part two of their Sci-Fi hit film Edge of Tomorrow released in 2014 which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. During an interview with the Empire, Liman told the magazine, that he and Cruise “keep talking about” making a sequel as “we love that world.” “Tom and I just actually rewatched it about two months ago, because I hadn’t seen it in 10 years,” the Road House (2024) Liman said. “I was like, ‘Wow, that is a really good movie.’”

Doug Liman revealed that he never had the “good fortune of having films” with massive box office opening weekends. The filmmaker also told Empire, “‘Bourne Identity’ lost to ‘Scooby-Doo’ [on] its opening weekend. And ‘Swingers’ came and went from the theaters. What I’ve come to understand is, I’m making movies for the long term. I’m an ego-driven guy, I’d like to get accolades now. But I also recognize that, if I was given the choice, I’ll choose making films that people 50 years from now are still watching.”

Though Warner Bros. was making the sequel to the Tom Cruise starrer film and onboarded Matthew Robinson to write the script, but it didn’t conclude.

Edge of Tomorrow (2014), also known as “Live Die Repeat,” captivated audiences with its innovative storyline and gripping action sequences. The film, based on Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s 2004 novel All You Need Is Kill, follows Major William Cage (Tom Cruise), who is caught in a time loop during a war with alien invaders. Each time he dies, he is forced to relive the same day, learning and adapting in his fight for survival alongside Special Forces warrior Rita Vrataski, portrayed by Emily Blunt.

On the Happy Sad Confused Podcast, Emily Blunt expressed her excitement about reuniting with Tom Cruise for the project. “I would love to make it a reality, but I just don’t know when or how. And how many Mission Impossibles does he [Cruise] need,” A Quiet Place (2020) actress said.

The sci-fi action thriller, which became a cult favourite after its release in 2014, will see its original director and star teaming up once again to bring another exhilarating chapter to the big screen.

As the makers of Edge of Tomorrow hint at a sequel, the details about its plot remain under wraps. The original film received praise for its blend of smart science fiction and intense action. It also showcased Tom Cruise’s versatility as an action star, capable of delivering both physical performance and emotional depth.

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