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Thor: Love And Thunder Working Title Revealed; Fans Curious

Marvel’s Thor: Love And Thunder’s working title reveal has left the fans in frenzy. The are at work dissecting it.

Thor: Love and Thunder is yet to begin filming, yet the movie is still in headlines. This time it is for its title reveal.

Fans of the famous movie franchise are all over the internet about the apparent meaning of its title. The film is about to begin production in Australia with Taika Waititi donning the directors hat.

If Skyler Shuler, the editor-in-chief of Disney fansite The DisInsider, Thor: Love and Thunder is to be believed the working title is The Big Salad.

As any Marvel fan would know, Thor was overweight in Endgame. This could be in reference to his weight loss. Thor could very-well be fit in the new movie.

“Well, his mother encouraged the salad in Endgame. Maybe Thor is fit again?” one fan wrote, making a reference to a scene in Endgame, in which Thor’s mother encourages him to ‘eat a salad’.

“Literally taking some mom’s advice from Endgame,” wrote another fan.

Marvel has always had fun with its working titles. Avengers: Infinity War was filmed under the working title, ‘Mary Lue’. Avengers: Age of Ultron was Christened ‘After Party’ and the first Avengers movie was shot under the title, ‘Group Hug’.

What’s New With Thor: Love an Thunder

Natalie Portman will be accompanying Thor in a more substantial role and will also be playing a superhero this time. Her character is based on the comic book character of Mighty Thor and will work as a companion to Chris Hemsworth’s Thor.

Her story could have her as a cancer patient and her heroic powers could negate the chemo effects leaving her fragile and weak.

This storyline has the fans extremely eager for the new movie. With Taika Waititi at the helm, this surely would be one MCU movie we cant wait to watch.

Taika Waititi also directed the 3rd Thor movie, Thor Ragnarok. Not only did Waititi revive the franchise after the Dark World debacle, but gave as a spectacular Thor Ragnarok.

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So confident are the fans at Waititi’s ability that they will be satisfied if Thor Love and Thunder is even half good as Ragnarok.

Taika totally revamped the character and movie’s look and that worked. The Dark World was as the title dark and there was not much variety in Thor’s range of emotions. Waititi gave it depth and color. He also made Thor humorous whch worked in its favor.

We surely cant wait for the movie to hit the theaters.

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