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Things Fans Should Know About The Latest Hit ‘Squid Game’

From unique storyline to characters, the South Korean series 'Squid Game' has a lot more things left to unfold.

Squid Game has been receiving huge applause from critics ever since it started streaming on Netflix last month. Almost hundreds of shows and movies are released daily on streaming platforms. It is hard to imagine that one would stand out from the rest. But Squid Game has become a triumph in the age of streaming.

However, there are some exciting facts that you probably don’t be aware of. The South Korean series had no producers for almost a decade until Netflix invested in the project in 2019. Although, squid game was initially meant to be a movie instead of a series. In an interview, the creator reveals that the project was originally created as a feature film.

The title and key game of the series are inspired by the real squid game, which was Squid Game creator Hwang Dong-hyuk’s favorite game when he was a child. He said that he chose this as the title of the series because he thinks it symbolizes society. In a recent interview, he had revealed that he came up with the idea 13 years ago in 2008, when he was going through a financial crisis and his family was also under debt.

This took him a year to write squid game script, and after he completed the script in 2009, there were no producers ready to invest in the project. Then in 2019, Netflix decided to fund the project, and that was when he decided to turn it into a series, after adding more characters like Jun Ho and adding more details in the storyline. However, you may have seen masks in other series as well but the masks worn by the cast in this series are a combination of fencing masks and traditional Korean masks called Haehotal.

Also, the games were also inspired by real life. According to several reports, the very first game in the show Red Light, Green Light along with the giant doll of a girl, is based on children’s textbooks from the 70s and the 80s. The makers bought in an expert to make the real dalgona, for the dalgona challenge in the second game, who was on the set for three days.

However, while shooting the tug-of-war game scene, the makers used a machine to tug from the other side, making it very difficult for the actors, who were on the other side of the rope. Similarly, the makers had created a one-meter-high gap between the ground and the glass way, for the glass stepping game, which made the cast genuinely scared.

Watch Behind The Scenes Of Squid Game Here:

Credit – Official Twitter Handle of Netflix

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