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Things Are ‘Wonderful’ For Lady Gaga & BF Michael While Quarantined Together

Everything seems to perfect for Lady Gaga and her boyfriend Michael Polansky as the two quarantine together!

Never felt so good to shackle! Lady Gaga, 34, and her super cute boyfriend Michael Polansky look like they’re doing A-OK with each other during self-isolation. “Stef (her real name) has been busy but still taking time to have wonderful downtime with Michael,” a source close to the later said on 5th April. “They are really getting to know each other more and this has been a really nice test to their relationship that they are embracing and learning from day by day. She seems pretty happy and chill right now.” A cute shot of them was shared by the singer on Wednesday, March 18, where she dressed in a strapless black top and her blonde hair while holding each other’s hands.

“It was an easy decision to self-quarantine together because Gaga and Michael had already been inseparable before the stay at home order even began,” another insider dished. “Although they’ve only been dating for a few months, they obviously have such a strong connection. They love spending as much time together as they can so although this quarantine is not to be taken lightly and they’re doing their part to flatten the curve, they feel very lucky to have each other to lean on for support during a time like this.”

Since her relationships with Christian Carino and Taylor Kinney had ended, Michael could be the final one for the iconic pop star. “She’s serious about him, this is much more than a fling,” a friend of the singer told an entertainment portal in February. “She’s already introduced him to her family and they really like him, they approve. She met him through mutual friends and there was an instant attraction between them. It’s more than just physical though, she’s very attracted to his mind, he’s brilliant.”

They further said, “He went to Harvard, which is impressive, but what’s even more impressive is that he’s devoted his whole career to philanthropy. That is such a passion of hers, so they’re really aligned there. It’s a great match on many levels.”

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