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‘The Watcher’ & ‘The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’ True-Crime Series Renewed For Season 2

After the huge success and several controversies, Netflix has renewed Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story and The Watcher for season 2.

Following the massive success of Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story and The Watcher, Netflix renewed both of Ryan Murphy’s series. The true-crime series, which was co-created by Murphy and Ian Brennan, will officially be getting new seasons on the streaming platform. Netflix recently took to its official Twitter account and announced the renewal of the hit series.

While sharing the posters of Dahmer Story and The watcher, the streaming giant announced, “Following the record-breaking success of DAHMER – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Ryan Murphy & Ian Brennan will create two more instalments that will focus on other monstrous figures who have impacted society.” The caption continues, “A second season of The Watcher has also been greenlit!”

While Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story was initially released as a limited series focused on the life and crimes of the gruesome serial killer, Netflix has revealed that it is now the first instalment of an ongoing Monster anthology series. The Dahmer will be followed by two new instalments, each focused on ‘other monstrous figures who have impacted society.’

Meanwhile, The Watcher season 2 will pick up where things left off in the real estate thriller about a mysterious figure stalking a home, turning a family’s dream purchase into a living nightmare. While no details about the new episodes were revealed, they could follow Jennifer Coolidge’s character after she eventually bought the house and then promptly moved out after her own scary encounter with a mysterious figure on the property.

However, in a recent conversation with the women of the series, Murphy asked what the actress thought about where it could go. He shared, “So, Jennifer, how do you feel about The Watcher 2? Are you excited? The further adventures of Karen Calhoun? Don’t you think she takes over the Darren Dunn agency? I think she’s the boss of the town.”

While referring to the character played by Matthew Del Negro, Coolidge replied, “I hope she gets to sleep with Darren Dunn.” Murphy then replied, “I could make that happen… Maybe everybody sleeps with Darren Dunn and that’s the show.”

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