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‘The Batman’ Director Matt Reeves Unveils First Look At Zoë Kravitz As Catwoman

Directed by Matt Reeves, the movie is slated to release on March 4, 2022. The Warner Bros film will star Robert Pattinson as Batman and Zoë Kravitz as Catwomen.

'The Batman' Director Matt Reeves Unveils First Look At Zoë Kravitz As Catwoman
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Director Matt Reeves has shared three teasers from his upcoming movie The Batman, set for a 2022 release and starring Robert Pattinson in the title role. The 100 million dollars budgeted movie is scheduled for a March 2022 release.

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Reeves revealed the big news through Twitter. He shared a glimpse at Zoë Kravitz as Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman. The brief look without catwomen costume was the third in a batman series. Kravitz’s Selina Kyle stared broodingly off-screen in the film still while donning a white sleeveless top and with her shoulder-length hair neatly parted to one side. Her brown eyes were accentuated with smudged black eyeliner.

The tweet posted over the last two days ahead of a new the batman trailer reveal anticipated at Saturday’s DC FanDome event. Continuing to hype up Saturday’s highly-anticipated DC FanDome event, Reeves unveiled two new posters for The Batman, which sees Robert Pattinson as the caped crusader. Meanwhile, the first film poster uploaded by Reeves featured Pattinson as the titular superhero standing in the rain. The other poster showcased Paul Dano’s Riddler, who could be seen donning a suit with a question mark on the front of it while holding up a note that read, “To The Batman”

Fans will get a glimpse at the next full-length trailer for the long-awaited feature at Saturday’s DC Fandom event. Reeves earlier took to Twitter on Thursday morning to share a new image taken directly from the trailer, showcasing the back of Batman’s cowl. The Batman Twitter account also joined in on the fun, sharing a brief teaser that reveals Pattinson’s gravelly ‘Bat-voice’ for the first time. The photo he shared shows Batman looking out over Gotham City just as the sunrise.

The director captioned, “Good Morning, from Gotham City… Can’t wait to show you more at #DCFanDome this Saturday…,’ with the hashtags #TheBatman and #TrailerShot. Previously, The Batman Twitter released a brief teaser, which included a line from the film and presumably the trailer, with Pattinson’s Batman saying, “It’s not just a signal, it’s a warning,” adding, “for reminders before and when #TheBatman is released.”

The tweet included a brief graphic with the iconic Bat-signal and audio of Pattinson’s voice, indicating how his voice will change while he’s in the Bat-suit. Other stars who have been portrayed in the batman series included Christian Bale and Ben Affleck have taken on a more throaty tone when they were in the full Bat-suit, so Pattinson’s similar vocal intonations aren’t terribly surprising.

The very first trailer was released during the DC FanDome event in August 2020, which offered the first glimpse at Pattinson as The Caped Crusader, with director Matt Reeves coming full circle by releasing the next trailer at the 2020 FanDome event. The story is reportedly set within Bruce Wayne’s second year of being Batman, meaning this won’t be another rebooted origin story. The superhero adventure also includes a number of iconic DC Comics characters like Dano’s The Riddler, the main villain of the film, and Kravitz’s Catwoman.

Colin Farrell plays The Penguin but only in few scenes, Jeffrey Wright as James Gordon, and Andy Serkis as Bruce’s trusted butler Alfred Pennyworth. Matt Reeves will direct the script that he has co-written with Peter Craig and Mattson Tomlin. The new batman movie will be co-produced by Reeves and Dylan Clark. However, Warner Bros. has scheduled the batman for March 4, 2022.

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