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Tekashi 6ix9ine Mad At Justin And Ariana Debut No. 1 Spot On The Billboard Hot 100

Tekashi 6ix9ine declares war with Ariana Grande and Billboard after the latter confirmed the collaboration between Ariana and Justin Bieber “Stuck With U,” on May 18, won the No. 1 spot on the “Top 100” Billboard chart.

Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber clearly refuted accusations by Tekashi 6ix9ine that Grande somehow purchased this week’s the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

Grande’s duet with Bieber, “Stuck With U,” was released on May 8 at midnight to raise money for the Children’s First Responders Foundation. On the same day Tekashi 6ix9ine, with Daniel Hernandez as his real name, also dropped his new single, “Gooba,” on May 8.

Just before Billboard revealed Monday’s chart positions this week, 6ix9ine posted a video on Instagram, in which he claims Grande of manipulating the sales tracker for Billboard.

“They bought 30,000 units with six credit cards,” “With six credit cards, they bought 30,000 units,” he said, making reference to Grande and Bieber — though he only ever mentioned Grande by name. “Six credits cards. Now, again, you’re gonna enjoy your No. 1. Explain how you buy 30,000 with six credit cards?”

“It’s all manipulated, it’s all fabricated. You can buy No. 1s.”

However ‘Gooba’ debuted on Billboard Hot 100 at No. 3, behind Doja Cat’s ‘Say So’ at No. 2.

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In a post uploaded to Instagram on Monday afternoon (May 18), Ariana answered Tekashi ‘s prediction, “I didn’t have a number one for the first five years of my career and it didn’t upset me at all because from the bottom of my heart, music is everything to me,” Ariana wrote in the caption for the Instagram post.  “My fans are everything to me. i promise i couldn’t ask for another fucking thing.”

Justin quickly denied Tekashi ‘s accusations, shooting his claim down in a long message on his Instagram Story, “He said 30k was bought with 6 credit cards but that is a lie, the rules are clear one credit card can buy max 4 copies. Anything over that the entire amount gets thrown out. Nielsen company checks this and found all our sales were legit because our fans are amazing and bought them.”

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“Don’t discredit our fan base with false info. This is my song with Ariana Grande and I’m honored to work with her to help raise money for a great cause,” he wrote, referring to the First Responders Children’s Foundation. Concluded the post saying, “If you gonna say her name make sure you say mine because it’s our song.”

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