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Taylor Swift Songs For Every Mood

Here are some songs by Taylor Swift that will fit every mood of yours.

Which mood are you in? No matter if you are happy, or sad or lonely or confused we have a song for from none other than Taylor Swift. We all know that listening to a Taylor Swift song means to open up all the doors that are blocking the emotions inside you. There is a Taylor Swift song for any emotion you are in. We have brought the list of a few songs you can enjoy relating to your mood at that moment.

We have two songs for each mood. So let us take look at the playlist we’d like to call Taylor swift songs for every mood.

1) Breakup Mood

If you have had a recent breakup then these are the two songs you would want to hear. If you are feeling like crying a lot and are super sad these are the Taylor Swift songs you’d hear.

a) Forever and Always

b) Cold As You

2) Realization

You have realized the reality of the ex and you wish to see him/her fail in life listen to these songs.

a) Should’ve Sais No

b) Picture to Burn

3) New Crush

You are delighted on finding a new crush listen to these songs.

a) Sparks Fly

b) Today Was a Fairytale

4) Angry

Listen to these songs if you are angry

a) Better Than Revenge
b) Blank Space

5) Love

Are you in Love?

a) Our Song
b) Wonderland

6) Happy

Are you happy and feeling like dancing

a) 22
b) Shake It Off

Cherish your different moods with these songs.

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