Taylor Swift doesn’t address on going feud with Scooter Braun in her speech at the AMAs 2019

Though Taylor Swift may have taken subtle jibes at Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta while she performed at the AMA 2019, her acceptance speech was all about fans and doesn't once mention their feud.

Taylor Swift took home more American Music Awards than any other artist this decade and hence she was honoured with the  Artist of the Decade at this year’s AMAs. Taylor accepted her award from the one and only Carole King, the mega-selling singer-songwriter. 

Taylor during her speech thanked her fans by saying, “All any of the artists, or anyone in this room, wants is to create something that will last. Whatever it is in life. And the fact that this is an award that celebrates a decade of hard work … fun and memories … All that matters to me is the memories that I’ve had with you guys — you, the fans — over the years. We’ve had fun times together and may it continue. Thank you for being the reason why I am on this stage, from the very first day of my career to now. Thank you — I’m so lucky I get to do this.”

What is also interesting is that the American Music Awards didn’t announce an artist of the decade for the ’00s, so its almost 20 years since a musician was given the award. Talking about the same Mark Bracco, executive vice president of programming & development in a press statement revealed, “Taylor’s impact on music this decade is undeniable and her performances on the American Music Awards have been truly spectacular. We’re thrilled to honor her as our Artist of the Decade and can’t wait for her to blow everyone away with an epic, career-spanning performance unlike any other!”