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TATBILB 2: Top 10 Things You NEED To Know About JORDAN FISHER aka John Ambrose McClaren

Here’s everything you need to know about Jordan Fisher aka John Ambrose McClaren from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before 2: PS I Still Love You.

While we were busy fangirling about Peter Kavinsky, much like Lara-Jean, little did we know John Ambrose McClaren would sweep us off our feet without warning.

Here’s a countdown of the top 10 things you NEED to know aboutMr. nice guy with the dreamy eyes, Jordan Fisher:

Number 10: Jordan Can’t Fall Asleep Without His Dog

Isn’t it adorable? Jordan revealed that he loves to cuddle with his dog and doesn’t get sleep without his labradoodle Kairi.

Number 9: He’s A Big Gamer

Jordan is a huge gamer and uploads gaming vlogs regularly on his personal youtube channel. His favourite game is Kingdom Hearts and he even named his dog Kairi after a character in the game. The song dearly beloved from the game soundtrack is his alarm tone.

Number 8: He’s Made Cameos On Your Favourite Shows On Disney Channel, Nickelodeon And More

Do you remember Holden from live and Maddie? Or doody from grease live? Well, they were all played by Jordan fisher, in fact, he even made a guest appearance on iCarly, the secret life of an American teenager and you definitely remember him as Seacat from Teen Beach Movie.

Number 7: He Has A Successful Music Career

His singles All About Us and Lookin’ Like That both topped the US top 40 charts. Hes Ariana grandes favourite vocalist and she even compared him to Whitney Houston.

Number 6: He’s A Broadway Star

Making his debut with Hamilton back in 2016, Jordan has only gone upwards as he played the role of Michael Jackson in MJ: The musical and just bagged the title role of Tony award-winning musical Dear Evan Hansen and even missed the premier of To all the boys 2 for the rehearsals.

Number 5: He’s the winner of Dancing With The Stars Season 25

As if being a successful actor and a singer was not enough to make him the perfect package, Jordan is a successful dancer too as he went on to win dancing with the stars back in 2017. Being a gymnast for several years, dancing seems to come almost naturally to fisher.

Number 4: He Wasn’t The First Choice For John Ambrose McClaren

This might come as a shocker that Jordan was not the first choice for John Ambrose McClaren, in fact his namesake Jordan Burtchett was supposed to play John and even appeared in the teaser at the end of the first part,but things didn’t work out and fisher ended up bagging the role.

Number 3: He’s Old Soul And Has Had An Unrequited Love Experience

Jordan calls himself an old soul and even joked he’s 86. Speaking about his unrequited love experience, he said that he loved his best friend, but she rejected him because he was the family-oriented type nice guy and she wanted a bad boy.

Number 2: He’s Engaged

Sorry ladies, but Jordan is officially taken as he got engaged to his longtime girlfriend Ellie last year. He even shared a video of popping the question on his youtube and it is guaranteed to give you all kinds of feels

Number 1: He Will Next Appear In The Movie ‘Work It’

After PS I still love you, Jordan is currently filming for a movie Work It, produced by Alicia keys. Fisher will star alongside Sabrina Carpenter and Liza Koshy in the film.

BONUS FACT: He Sleep Walks And Wakes Up In The Shower

Yes, you heard that right. Jordan admitted to being a sleepwalker when he’s super exhausted and has even woken up in the middle of taking a shower a couple of times.

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