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SUED: Would Madonna Really Save The World In 4 Minutes?

Madonna gets SUED for showing up late at her concert in NYC and fans are not sure she’d save the world in 4 minutes anymore.

Tick tock tick tock tick tock…

Madonna failed to make it on time for her concerts in NYC, which didn’t go down well with her fans who accused her of making them face a loss – financially and otherwise according to a lawsuit reported by a news portal.

The 4 Minutes singer is being sued by fans Andrew Panos and Antonio Velotta, who claim they were made to wait about two to three hours for the pop icon to take the stage during her concert in 2019 on September 21st and October 1st which was held at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

As per the documents obtained by the news portal, the concert was to commence at 8:30 PM for her Madame X tour, but ended up starting as late as 11:30 PM in the September concert, and at 10:40 PM in the October concert.

In the lawsuit, Andrew and Antonio say they were greatly inconvenienced by Madonna as the value of their tickets were diminished and they were left stranded as they’d missed their scheduled rides and trains to get home.

The two guys further claimed that the delay, which Madonna admitted was her fault, even inconvenienced their work and school scheduled the next day. They further added they couldn’t call for alternate rides as their phones were confiscated during the show.

They added that the organizers Live Nation didn’t refund them their tickets worth, despite the inconveniences they had to face. According to them, the rest of Madonna’s concerts during all through Sept. and Oct. followed the same pattern. Fans recall this is not the first time, since a similar class-action lawsuit was filed against Madonna bacj in November in FL.

All in all, Andrew and Antonio are suing Madonna for: breach of contract, loss of value, false advertisement and negligent misrepresentation. They are also asking the pop icon for damages and fees for their lawyers.

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